While, its leaves are bitter, its small white fragrant flowers are invitingly sweet to the bees. The flowers hang in beautiful clusters in the axils of the leaves making it easy for bees to perch on the leaves and forage on the Neem blossoms.

You cant miss the earthy flavors of caramel with a menthol undertone of Eucalyptus Honey. its easy to spot with its thick texture and a dark reddish tinge. Use in cooking to lend a unique flavor to foods with its bold taste or simply drizzle directly in your mouth.

Even though we called it "Creamed", it does not contain any dairy, additives, preservatives, colour or essence. Its velvety texture makes it an easy breakfast pick since it does not swoosh out of the toast.

Absolutely Organic Honey ! The solai plant grows wild, hidden in nature’s lap. It largely went unknown to people except the herdsmen who knew its magic and recorded its benefits in folklore. Herbalists are now awakening to this plant gifts.

The Star phytochemicals of Jamun Pollen - Jambosine & Jamboline actively lower the glycemic index of Jamun Honey making it safe for consumption in moderate amounts for pre diabetes management