Cancellation/Refund Policy

Please WhatsApp on 8882064369 or email us at within 4 hours of Placing an Order so as to cancel packaging preparation and shipping.

Incorrect Order Shipping:

Send a picture of the product label (Do not open it if you wish to get it replaced). Let us know via either a WhatsApp on Mobile 8882064369 or through an email at for a replacement request with the subject line – Incorrect Product Shipped. You will be contacted within 4 hours of this notification. Your Correct order will be shipped in 2 working days.

Damaged Package:

Please share pictures of the damaged Product on Mob 8882064369 or write to us at and a replacement will be shipped to you within 2 working days.

Delivery to be picked up by Neighbour / Designation Person:

Make a mention note in our order. In case there is any last-minute change wherein you are not available for delivery – do inform as asap on Mobile 8882064369 or through an email at with the details of the person, who would be able to collect on your behalf in case you have so designated. Else the package will return to the hub.

Do not ship the products back to us – If an incorrect product has been shipped to you – we would be organizing the pickup and delivery of the correct order to you.