Cream Honey – Textured Raw Honey

What is the composition of Cream Honey? Does it contain Cream? What does it taste like ? What gives this honey its white appearance ? Read on..and find out some interesting facts about Cream Honey.

Creamed honey is made from 100 % pure raw honey.

Even though we call it “creamed”, it does not contain any dairy and does not contain any additives, preservatives, colour, or essence. The creamy smooth consistency is obtained through a controlled crystallization process, producing very fine uniform crystals, which prevent the formation of larger crystals.

What does it taste like? How to consume Cream Honey?

It tastes like velvet, like a milkmaid sweetness and it will not drip or swoosh out of your toast so much.

Creamed honey can be used as a sweetener in drinks and baking, but it is also great as a spread on toast, crackers, and other treats.

How does one make Cream Honey?

The creaming process is kickstarted by the seed /starter of cream to liquid honey.

Giving them a pattern or starter with seed honey and the rest of the honey crystals will take on the similar pattern. People also know it as Whipped Honey or Set Honey Actually, it is neither whipped nor set …it is crystalised. It has tinier smoother crystals compared to the crystals of Honey that settle down with time.

Can you make cream honey at home?

Yes, the easiest way to get a good starter is to buy your favourite creamed honey and add it to the Honey which have tendency to crystallise faster (say, Mustard Honey or Basswood Honey).  Once you have that, you can make easily make Cream Honey at home.

How to Store Cream Honey?

You may keep it in refrigerator if you prefer firm or set texture. You can keep it room temperature if you want softer consistency for better spread. Store away from direct sunlight and heat just like you would store any other honey.

Why the Cream honey is usually white? Can it be any other colour?

Cream honey is usually white but can range from Off white to Peachy in colour. Since its the glucose that crystallizes in the honey, and because glucose crystals are naturally pure white, creamed honey is always lighter coloured than liquid honey of the same floral type

Does it maintain consistency over time?

Yes, it would maintain consistency indefinitely if stored at approx. 18 °Celsius. However, if stored at room temperature in summer months in non-hilly regions – it may become little runny, but the granularity or composition remains unchanged.

Can you make Cream honey with any type of Liquid Honey /nectar source Honey?

Some flowers create smooth honeys by themselves, while other flowers create honeys that take a very long time to crystallize. So, we prefer Mustard Honey for our Cream Honey.

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