Eucalyptus Honey – Medicinally Yours, Cough-Cold Remedy

What is Eucalyptus Honey?

Eucalyptus is a type of myrtle and known for its essential oils and characteristic aroma. The British introduced it to India, because of its beauty and its usefulness in the production of paper. Eucalyptus honey is a Monofloral (all of the nectar collected comes from the same species of plant). The Eucalyptus Blossoms pass on the distinct flavor and medicinal fragrance to the Honey making it instantly recognizable by its color and aroma.

What is so special about Eucalyptus Honey ?

 All Honey come with an inherent goodness, but Eucalyptus Honey is  nothing less than your medicine cabinet. It alleviates the persistent cough and cold like symptoms of children prone to allergies and bring relief. This Honey has gained popularity because of its natural remedy in respiratory problems. Helps in Rheumatism and Lumbago (pain on the spine or back) It boosts the immune system, and it also has benefits for treating nerve inflammation, muscle stiffness, and migraines. It is also thought to cure urinary tract infections. Eucalyptus bee pollen can be used topically as an antiseptic and to treat and prevent acne and dandruff. The specific phenolic compounds identified with Eucalyptus Honey is Tricetin. Analysis of volatiles led to identification of odour active compounds such as 2- hydroxycineole for eucalyptus. Tricetin and 2-Hydroxycineole are being studied for anti-cancer activity.

 What does Eucalyptus Honey taste like?

Eucalyptus Honey is not on the extreme on the sweetness spectrum. It is not bitter contrary to perception but in fact has quite identifiable earthy flavours of Caramel with a Menthol undertone. Eucalyptus honey has a thick texture and darker colour with a reddish tinge to it.

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